Project LWE (Learning While Enjoying)

Area: District Bijapur – Chattisgadh

LWE generally refers to Left Wing Extremism(Naxalism).Bijapur district of Chattisgadh is known to be severely affected by LWE activities resulting in frequent conflicts between security forces and LWE groups transforming entire area into battle field. This badly affects education of children living in such conflict zones. Also there are chances of children getting influenced by LWE propaganda.

SPARK is executing LWE (Learning While Enjoying) project with the help of District administration-Bijapur to improve education standards and help children to choose correct path for their own development. This project is being executed in 12 Porta- cabins(residential schools) namely gangalur,Cherpal,Bijapur,Chinnakodepal,Murkinar,Naimed,Kutaru,Farsegadh,Karkeli,Bedare ,Keshkutul and Bhatwada.

  • Regular visits to Porta-cabins and having conversations with students.
  • Teaching art work such as Origami, Kirigami which will help students to improve geometrical and arithmetic skills.
  • Showing documentaries and short films regarding general knowledge,Geography,Science,History,World,development projects in India to improve general awareness of students.
  • Capacity building of students by organizing different competitions, exhibitions.
  • Counselling of students regarding cleanliness, sanitization and prevention of chronic diseases.
  • Performing water quality testing and provide suggestions to District administration for providing safe drinking water in Porta-cabins.
  • Conducting training of local teachers about new teaching techniques.
Students Learning Art Work
Art Work Exhibition
Documentary topics on the left & Students watching Documentary
Letter From District Collector

Water Conservation Project 2018

Treadle Pumps

Treadle pump is an innovation of CTARA-IIT(B) which is helpful for small scale irrigation.Treadle pump is operated manually.It can fetch water from 23ft depth and can deliver it up to 35ft height.SPARK donated 5 such pumps to farmers in village Pendharshet-Jawhar-Palghar and 2 pumps in Aamlon-Peth.Nashik


Villagers at Aamlon are very enthusiastic and ready for experiments.SPARK handed over 3 different types of seeds of paddy ( जावयाची गुंडी,पुसा सुगंधी,झिनी ) which have provided good yield in Jawhar sector.SPARK also handed over kitchen-garden kits (seeds of vegetables having high nutrition value) to farmers in Aamlon

Work 1 , Nashik , Village Name - Aamlon

Farm Pond Size - 15x15x3 , Capacity 450000 Liters

Farm Pond Size - 10x10x3 , Capacity 300000 Liters
Revival of Well
1 ha Farmbunding

Work - 2 , Nashik , Village Name - Baradapada, Farm Pond Size - 15x15x2.5 , Capacity 350000 Liters

Work - 3 , Palghar , Village Name - Chinchawadi , De siltation of Cement Dam

Work - 4 , Buldhana , Village Name - Salwan , Farm Pond Size - 10x10x3 , Capacity 350000 Liters

Work - 5 , Amravati , Village Name - Zatamziri

Graded Contour Bunding

Stone bunding